Inspired by the strange characteristics of folk fiddlers – who seemingly have a close relationship with both nature and the subterranean –  Hans and Rasmus Kjorstad, Anders Røine and Hans Hulbækmo have created Reolô. Originally commissioned by the great folk music festival Jørn Hilme-stemnet, the band invites you into an odd universe of enigmatic stories, hypnotic grooves, crooked rhythms and skew tonality.

Folk music has often gone wandering across wide open spaces before, and Reolô rolls across West Africa and India on its journey through the valleys of the homeland. This well known quartet come at the music from a wide variety of musical directions in folk, jazz and contemporary music.

Anders Erik Røine – guitar, mouth harp, langeleik, willlow flute, lur, violin, vocal
Hans Kjorstad – violin, harmonium, willow flute, vocal
Rasmus Kjorstad – violin, vocal
Hans Hulbækmo – percussion, mouth harp, synth, vocal
Audun Strype – sound design